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Predictive Analytics - Electric Utilities

Are your data analytics predictive or reactive? Are you finding issues after the fact? Are you finding issues too early? An expertly designed Predictive Analytics - Electric utilities strategy can help.

Has this ever happened to you?


You receive an alert that looks like a large piece of equipment tripped, so you call plant operations. The operator picks up and says, “Control Room” in an impatient tone. You hear alarms blaring in the background. You answer, “Hi, this is Jim from the M&D Center. We received an alert that your equipment tripped.” Finally, you hear a loud “click” that sounds just like a desk phone being slammed onto its base. 


If this has happened to you, then your data analytics program is reactive, not predictive. Predictive analytics are designed to find problems before they happen, using multiple analytics tools, proper design, and alerts that aren’t too early and aren’t too late.


Integral Analytics Predictive Analytics - Electric Utilities employs knowledge engineering, embedding actual intelligence into your artificial intelligence and machine learning processes for better-informed analysis, fewer false positives and negatives, and perfectly timed alerts. Only through our knowledge engineering process is this possible.


Contact Integral Analytics today to upgrade your data analytics to predictive analytics. Your operations and maintenance staff will thank you.


Concord, North Carolina 28223


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