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Asset Monitoring and Diagnostics

Does your Asset Monitoring and Diagnostics (M&D) program need a turbo boost? Do you rely solely on Advanced Pattern Recognition (APR) technologies? Does it seem like you’re operating on an Island? Integral Analytics can help! Upgrade your program with better communication strategies, build your analytics toolbox, and meet those performance metrics today.

Starting with the Architect First” principle, Integral Analytics will evaluate your Asset Monitoring and Diagnostics program (M&D) to ensure it meets your goals and aligns with your company vision. We utilize ANSI/ISA-18.2 (Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries) as the foundation for your M&D program and build upon it to meet your specific needs. From choosing an Executive Sponsor to communication plans to advanced analytics / machine learning concepts to defining the value of your program, we establish the baseline to your program.


Next, we ensure you have all of the tools you need to accurately and adequately meet your goals, whether you’re seeking to avoid catastrophic failures or simply streamline your processes. We start this process with your Alarm Philosophy and work through each phase of the Alarm Management Lifecycle, evaluating each alert, ensuring each alert is actionable. Then, we match the action and alert with the right analysis method, avoiding the “shotgun” approach to alarm and alert management. More is not always better, and sometimes more is worse when analysts are inundated with alerts. 


Then, we ensure you have everything in place that a well-oiled M&D program needs, like the seven focus areas of any M&D program. We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to. This includes an adequate communication policy. Internal and external communications are key to ensuring longevity in your program. An important part of your communication is relaying the monetary and intrinsic value of your program. We show you how to measure value for each and how to effectively report your value.


Lastly, we create a comprehensive plan to get your M&D program running as smooth as silk, including follow-up sessions. 


Contact us today to upgrade your Monitoring and Diagnostics program, capture real value, and ensure longevity in your program.


Concord, North Carolina 28223


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