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What is Integrated Analytics?

Integrated analytics simply means analytics techniques joined with other tools to achieve a certain outcome. As the name of our company suggests, analytics are part of the solution, yet essential for the complete picture. But analytics alone just isn’t enough. 

Data Analytics, the quantitative half of the equation, can inform when an anomaly may be occurring with some basic modeling. Integrated analytics adds qualitative analysis, or the personal experience from industry experts. This could be in the form of an experienced analyst to integrated Knowledge Engineering developed into analytics software application(s). 

For example, you may experience a high bearing temperature. Analytics alone may indicate a high bearing temperature. An analyst may check other bearing temperatures on that component, as well as TCV position, cooling water and lubricating oil inlet and outlet temperatures, and so on, based on personal knowledge and experience. When integrated analytics is implemented, the software application will display actions and possible causes with the anomalous indication.

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Knowledge Engineering

Recognized as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Knowledge Engineering enables artificial intelligence to imitate how a person reacts in different situations. Integral Analytics combines human intelligence from industry domain experts with practical machine learning applications to produce customized business intelligence to make informed decisions. 

Medical Consultation

Monitoring & Diagnostics

Does your Asset Monitoring & Diagnostics program need a turbo boost? Do you rely solely on Advanced Pattern Recognition (APR) technologies? Does it seem like you’re operating on an island? Integral Analytics can help. Upgrade your program with better communication strategies, build your analytics toolbox, and meet those performance metrics.

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Education for Utilities

Whether you are beginning your journey in data analytics or you are already running an advanced program, our Data Analytics Education for Utilities training program can provide a unique “toolbox” approach to data analytics. We’ll train your staff on how to apply the theory and mathematics behind your analytics “toolbox,” along with algorithm selection.


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