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About Integral Analytics ...

Combine analytic techniques with machinery knowledge to drastically improve existing software, industrial equipment, and business processes for optimal performance.

Enable real-time analytical decision-making based on data combined with human knowledge in every process, in every industry, in every country.

Balance - Productivity - Respect
Integral Analytics is the preferred organization for enhancing industrial machinery analytics capabilities and integrating machinery intelligence with real-time analytics. We approach every task open to new ideas, valuing experience and determination to get the job done. Our customers are our focus and each team member is also a customer. Through our work, we invest in the future, give to good causes, and live life to its fullest.

Meet Our Leadership


Founder & Principal

Aaron Hussey is the Founder and Principal for Integral Analytics’ business and consulting activities with an emphasis on power industry implementation of advanced machine learning models and analytics software design and prototyping.


Before founding Integral Analytics, Aaron implemented a suite of predictive analytic models for Duke Energy’s 11-unit fleet of nuclear power plants, Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) fossil, hydro, and nuclear generating units, and South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G) VC Summer nuclear site.  Prior to that, he fulfilled various roles over 9+ years at the Electric Power Research Institute, focusing on instrumentation and controls (nuclear and non-nuclear) advancements and improvements. 

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of North Carolina.


Chief Operations Officer and Senior Consultant

Howard Nudi is the Chief Operations Officer and Senior Consultant for Integral Analytics with an emphasis on Diagnostic Center operations and training from a leadership perspective with over 30 years’ experience in equipment reliability program planning, implementation, and training.


Howard started his career in the United States Air Force as an Aircraft Electrician. After completing his BSEE degree, Mr. Nudi continued his military career in the United States Navy as a Nuclear Trained Submarine Officer. After retiring from the Navy with the rank of Commander, he started work in the commercial nuclear power industry with Duke Energy where he held various engineering management positions at both McGuire Nuclear Station and Corporate Engineering. While at Duke Energy, Howard developed and implemented the Nuclear Fleet Monitoring & Diagnostic Center where he led the development of all associated models, procedures, and staff training as the Program Manager. He was the honorable recipient of the 2016 EPRI Technology Transfer Award for his program, as well as served on the EPRI Advanced Remote Monitoring Technical Advisory Committee as Chairperson.


Howard earned a BSEE from Geneva College and an MBA from the University of Nebraska.


Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Consultant

Michael Taylor is the Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Consultant for Integral Analytics with an emphasis on nuclear operations, software development, and digital marketing and analytics.

Michael started his career in the United States Navy as a Nuclear Machinist’s Mate and Ship’s Diver. After completing his Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Technology, he continued his career with Exelon, working his way from Equipment Operator through Unit Supervisor and Senior Reactor Operator. After 7 years at Exelon, Michael continued his career with Luminant where he held multiple roles in the Power Optimization Center, including Operations Manager and Digital Marketing Manager, where he found his passion for all things marketing. 9 years later, Michael was recruited by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) where he managed the Nuclear Monitoring & Diagnostics portfolio. While at EPRI, Michael had the opportunity to design and develop the EPRI Continuous Online Monitoring (COLM) Quick Guides. That’s when Michael met Howard and Aaron — both major contributors to the Quick Guide effort. Now, Michael leads the Integral Analytics marketing team while continuing to hone his skills in the M&D arena.


Michael earned a B.S. in Nuclear Technology from Excelsior College, and he earned an MBA and a Master of Science in Information Technology Management from the University of Texas at Dallas.

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