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Metrics and
Dashboard Tiers

Do your metrics align with your company vision? Do your dashboard tiers make sense? With the Integral Analytics method, your metrics will define success in your organization and your dashboards help you easily track your metrics.

What is the Integral Analytics method? The Integral Analytics method helps you create meaningful metrics that align with your company vision and track those methods through proper dashboard tiers. 


We start with your company vision statement and compare that to your data analytics goals, refining if necessary. Then, we determine what measurements are necessary to help you reach those goals. Lastly, we place achievable parameters for each metric and create action plans for each parameter, ensuring you know exactly what action to take and when. This all stems from the “Architect First” principle.


Next, we create dashboards to help you track your metrics. Dashboards are categorized into three tiers:

Tier 1: Information that you review and manipulate consistently

Tier 2: Information that you review and manipulate once or twice hourly

Tier 3: Information that you review but do not manipulate

This helps to ensure you’re utilizing the right data at the right time and avoid wasting valuable real estate on your monitoring devices.

With meaningful metrics and proper dashboard tiers, you can ensure that you data analytics program is on track, making real change in your organization. Contact Integral Analytics today to upgrade your metrics and implement proper dashboard tiers.


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