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Knowledge Engineering

Recognized as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Knowledge Engineering enables artificial intelligence to imitate how a person reacts in different situations. Integral Analytics combines human intelligence from industry domain experts with practical machine learning applications to produce customized business intelligence to make informed decisions. 

What is knowledge engineering? Knowledge engineering is the process by which artificial intelligence imitates how a person would react in a particular situation. Particularly, we add human engineering to machine learning algorithms for better informed decisions. Our approach minimizes false positives and false negatives from machine learning outputs, allowing for more streamlined outputs with higher quality answers.

Our 6-step process includes:

  1. Document asset operating principles

  2. Perform a Failure Modes Effects Analysis

  3. Assess instrumentation and data availability

  4. Translate FMEA into a real-time diagnostic model

  5. Evaluate historical data for analytic model design

  6. Assess data analytics and diagnostic models with SMEs

Knowledge engineering coupled with machine learning algorithms can address more complex problems. When natural language processing (NLP) is combined with knowledge engineering, the user queries a database using natural language (like a chatbot) and the machine returns answers that a subject matter expert might return rather than a simple keyword match. The benefits are straightforward answers where users can take actions that are easily understood.


Contact us today to see how you can benefit from implementing knowledge engineering into your processes.


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