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Monitoring System Design

Do you design monitoring systems by first gathering end-user requirements? Are you trying to enter a competitive market with an analytics solution that is unique enough to edge out your competition? Make your software simple with Integral Analytics’ domain expertise combined with our human factors experience, gaining a competitive edge.

Our unique approach to monitoring system design utilizes end-user requirement gathering combined with domain expertise with feature prototyping. Simple concepts that capture interests of potential customers are developed in a visual manner before costly software is developed. This type of analytics application prototyping features results in small, but meaningful innovation that will immediately capture the attention of business managers and technical end-users.

Monitoring system design by Integral Analytics

Our Approach:

  1. Review the current state of technology​ - we list user interactions, frustrations, and potential solutions so that we understand the nature of the technology and why users may not be satisfied with the technology.

  2. Define basic, intermediate, and advanced product development roadmaps - we define functional requirements and develop prototypes of the most used and/or requested features.

  3. Identify alternate, innovative approaches - we think outside the box and include new methods, features, and functions.

Integral Analytics doesn’t use fancy, over-the-top prototyping tools or complicated programming languages, keeping costs down for our customers. Our tools include:

  • MS Office Tools: PowerPoint, Excel, PowerBI

  • Python and R: Jupyter Notebook, RStudio

  • MATLAB: App Designer, Statistics & Machine Learning Toolbox

Develop market-ready applications efficiently and build your analytics capabilities on-target the first time with the Integral Analytics monitoring system design approach! Contact us today to find out how.


Concord, North Carolina 28223


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